Artisanal Weaving

The women of the indigenous community of Yochib, Chiapas, Mexico learn how to weave on backstrap looms as little girls.  This technique is passed down from generation to generation and is how they make part of the clothing that they wear.  It is also one of the few ways women can make money for their households.

As part of the organization's program, the women of Huellas que Trascienden have the benefit of going into town (San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas), an hour away from Yochib, to pick out the thread that they will use to make their woven products.  These threads are the interest-free goods that Huellas que Trascienden provides them with.  By participating in the program, they are able to have more material to work with, they have a better selection of colors, and are able to get the thread at a more reasonable price which helps in making a profit when selling their products.