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Weaving on a backstrap loom is one of the most vigorous ancestral techniques and artistic expression of the Mayan peoples in the contemporary world. Textile art lives on thanks to the tenacity and dedication of generations of weavers who, for more than 2000 years, have passed their knowledge on to their daughters and granddaughters. Today, textile art expresses its richness in a large number of villages, each community with its own traditional technique of embroidery, brocade, etc.

The Mayan textile wealth is considered as:
  1.  Historical testimony of an ancestral culture
  2.  Vehicle for transmitting an identity through designs and symbols
  3.  Meanings that communicate past and recent stories
  4.  Pieces of art with their own aesthetics that require great technique and creativity
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     In many towns, traditional clothing is used:
    • By conviction
    • As a way to identify with the community itself
    • As a form of cultural resistance
    • As a means of affiliation with the ancestors
      Each creator prints her own ideas, perceptions, sensitivity and aesthetic sense on these motifs. This artistic practice is an identity element that has allowed weavers and their communities to live within a world, which in certain cases has been hostile to them, and to project themselves over time onto their descendants.
      Through its textile activity, it is possible to identify and value the aesthetic and artistic contributions of the sensitivity inherited from a remote past from its relationship with its natural environment, with its social and political context, with inherited mathematical science and with the infinite cosmos.
      Artisan2you promotes the right price in markets where artisan work is valued as if they were works of art because they are unique pieces with a great cultural value that is on the way to disappearing. 
      If you want to learn about this technique, consult the workshops that are given at the Center Huellas que Trasciende